School COVID-19 Test Register

A simple, time saving platform to help schools manage onsite and home testing of staff and students. Schools can get set-up in minutes through their Wonde MIS connection.


Onsite and at home testing register for students and staff

Save time and simplify test results  

Through integration with your MIS, and the ability for test subjects to submit results remotely, all data is available live and administration is kept to a minimum.


Key Features

MIS Integration

Integrating with your MIS with Wonde allows your school account to be set-up in minutes.

Submit results on a mobile

Students and staff can submit their results in seconds through the simple mobile view.

Automated reminders

Reminders are sent to test subjects to ensure you don't spend unwanted time prompting students and staff.

DfE automated reports

Reports have been created to simplify the process with all required reporting to the DfE.

Simple tracking of test kits

Manage the test kit lots and the mobile view allows students and staff to easily record their test kit ID.

Training and support

Full training is provided to your school to administer the platform and we're here to support you along the way.

If you're one of the 21,000 schools already with a Wonde account, log into or speak to the Wonde user at your school (head teacher, office staff, school business manager etc.).


Simple Pricing

Primary Schools

Simple solution to manage staff and students


per annum

Secondary Schools

Simple solution to manage staff and students at scale


per annum